About Me

Hello, my name is Ken and I live in the Salem, Oregon area. I have dabbled in computer programming for over 35 years, starting with the BASIC programming language on TRS-80 and Commodore 64/VIC-20 machines in the late 1970's and early '80s. I have a broad range of experience outside the programming arena as well and currently work at Cisco.

The programming languages with which I am most familiar are: Python, Java, Go, HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX, Node.js (Express, MongoDB)), Java, Python (Flask), and version control utilities.

I enjoy passing my knowledge on to others and as a result of my various work experiences I have gained strengths in leadership, communication, management, budgeting, to name a few.

In additon to my web development skills, I was a licensed, bonded, and insured Contruction Contractor (CCB#179532) in the State of Oregon for over 10 years specializing in home repairs and remodeling and really enjoyed doing tile and wood work.