Portfolio Samples



Much of my current work has been based on tutorials at Treehouse, some of which are shown here along with other samples.

Application Development


  • 2009 OR Unemployment

    A sample page generated using Python and the Bokeh library dynamically showing unemployment data for Oregon in 2009.

  • Best City Guide

    A sample design site. Utilizes HTML5, CSS (floats, positioning, z-index).

  • SVG Demo

    A sample SVG demonstration. Utilizes SVG image and CSS.

  • HistoryCraft

    One of my construction customers needed a website update to promote his freelance writing.

  • Chemistry Concentration

    The classic concentration game for learning Anions in chemistry. Designed as an upgrade to a local high school's previous resource. JavaScript & CSS.

  • My Company

    A sample design site based on specs, HTML5 & CSS, minimal JavaScript.

  • Poly Kit

    A simple design UI Kit. Utilizes HTML5, Modular CSS compiled with SASS.
    Designed by Mat Helme

Android Mobile

Android App on Google play


  • While doing my family history in an attempt to join SAR (National Number 196706), I thought it would be beneficial to document my genealogy, both for myself and for other members of my family. There are, of course, a multitude of options available but I thought a book would be a nice option to be able to maintain the information.
    A Genealogical Record of a Line of Alger A Genealogical Record of a Line of Alger: and other allied families